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A journey through soul

Ever felt like the music takes you somewhere ?  Take it easy and let the music take you on a trip throughthe soundscape

Founded in 2008 Fox Train Safari has gone through some extreme changes in the years since.  


The purpose of the band has always been to bring together people who have the same love for all sorts of soulful music. 


2013 was a busy year in the life of the band and 2014 looks to be even more hectic.  Gigs have been booked at the Summer Solstice festival in Reykjavik and also at the Copenhagen Jazz festival.

The Band


Unnur : Vocals
Kristjan : Bass

Sverrir : Drums

Rafn : Guitar 
Jóhann : Guitar
Guðbjartur : Guitar
Tumi : Keys
Snaebjorn : Tenor Sax
Eiríkur : Trumpet


We are hard at work on our forthcoming album, coming soon to a record store close to you

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